The growing popularity of wood chips and hog fuel in recent years has presented new critical questions:

How do you facilitate the trade of this fuel and make it more transparent? How do you harmonise the quality of the many different products on the market? How do you build a trustworthy system for the end-users that will guide them in choosing the right product for their appliance? How do you reduce the maintenance costs of boilers, and make sure they perform at their best? And ultimately how do you sustain the growth of trade and use of woodchips and hog fuel?

GoodChips® is our answer to these questions. A concerted effort from all components of the sector - from producers to traders, through boiler manufacturers and consumer associations - has brought us the first international quality certification for wood chips and hog fuel. It is a robust 12-class certification scheme (8 for wood chips and 4 for hog fuel), addressing every profile of producer and end-user, from industrial to domestic use.

In the end, GoodChips® comes with a simple promise: to create a fair, harmonised, and transparent market for wood chips and hog fuel, where best practices are distinguished through a certification scheme that covers products, processes, and quality management.

In our view, GoodChips® is the right way to boost business for every player along the supply chain, from production to delivery.