A quality scheme

GoodChips® is the first international certification scheme to guarantee the quality of wood chips and hog fuel on the market, a carefully and collectively crafted response to a pressing demand from the industry.

What does GoodChips® certify?

GoodChips® quality requirements for wood chips and hog fuel result from an extensive consultation within the industry. Moisture content, particle size distribution, ash content, are as many examples of the parameters certified by the scheme.

Our quality classes can be seen as an interface between suppliers and end-users. By guaranteeing that a certain threshold value is reached on a given parameter, they ensure that they both speak the same language, bringing clarity and transparency to the transaction. With 8 quality classes for wood chips and 4 for hog fuel, the scheme’s scope covers a vast majority of the products available on the market.

But GoodChips® goes beyond the certification of the product. With specific requirements on the processes and quality management systems, it ensures that the quality of the products it certifies remains unchanged even beyond the production process.

That’s why the GoodChips® seal is the end-users’ guarantee to always find a product that meets the specifications of their appliances.

Third-party certification

GoodChips® operates as a third-party certification scheme, a guarantee of absolute impartiality every step of the way. Concretely, this means that the conformity assessment is conducted by external, accredited, and listed certification bodies who perform their duties in complete independence. These bodies are not only independent from GoodChips® International Management, but also from each other. Ultimately, the International Management issues the licence for the use of the trademark at the end of the process.

Certification Bodies

Independent organisations known as Certification Bodies assess whether a company complies with the scheme’s requirements, or if a valid certificate must be suspended/terminated. All listed Certification Bodies are accredited and approved by the GoodChips® International Management.

Inspection and Testing Bodies

Inspection Bodies perform announced and unannounced audits of certified companies or companies willing to enter the scheme. Testing Bodies conduct analyses on the samples taken during the audits, in accordance with the GoodChips® Standards. The results are then communicated to the Certification Body, which evaluates whether to deliver the GoodChips® certificate.