GoodChips® International Management

GoodChips® International Management is the Executive Body of the scheme. It oversees the daily administration of the scheme, acts as the international point of contact for the various parties involved, and ultimately issues the license.

Cristina Calderón
General Manager
Gilles Gauthier
Certification Advisor
Alessia Gaetani
Project Officer
Laurent Sauvenée
Marketing Assistant 
Ruth Thomas
Marketing & Communication Officer


Bioenergy Europe

Bioenergy Europe is the owner of the scheme and acts as its Statutory Body. It safeguards GoodChips® integrity through the Certification Integrity Programme, monitors the correct use of the trademark, and continuously improves the scheme. Bioenergy Europe is represented by its Board of Directors.

The National Partners

National Partners are organisations supporting the management of the scheme at national level and acting as a bridge between companies, end-users and GoodChips® International Management. National Partners form the Advisory Committee, one of the Advisory Bodies of the scheme. We currently have National Partners in Belgium (FEBHEL), Croatia (CROBIOM), Czech Republic (Wood Pellet Cluster), Lithuania (LITBIOMA) and Poland (Wood Technology Institute).

The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is one of the Advisory Bodies of the scheme. It is composed of experienced companies in the wood chips and hog fuel sector from various countries. It provides support to GoodChips® International Management whenever technical expertise is required and/or in case of a revision of the scheme’s documentation.