Why choose GoodChips® fuel?

GoodChips® guarantees your peace of mind

Once you have chosen the right quality class for your appliance, GoodChips® certified products are the guarantee of a smooth, hassle-free operation. Consistent quality over time, no oversized chips blocking your screw, no excess ashes… Just load it in, sit back and enjoy!


GoodChips® unlocks the potential of your appliance

GoodChips® certifies parameters that are essential to ensure optimal efficiency from your appliance. The control of the chips’ size guarantees a steady intake, the threshold values for moisture content are the insurance of an effective combustion, etc.


GoodChips® reduces your maintenance costs

Using GoodChips® has a direct impact on the maintenance costs of your equipment. For instance, by controlling the amount of residue, or the size of the chips for example, GoodChips® ensures that your appliance will require the bare minimum in terms of maintenance, and may last much longer than with non-certified products.


GoodChips® means consistent quality

The requirements set by the GoodChips® certification guarantee that the certified products respond to the same criteria from one load to the next, and over time.


GoodChips® has the right match for your appliance

With 8 quality classes for wood chips and 4 for hog fuel, you will always find a GoodChips® certified product that will meet your needs. One look at the requirements will tell you which GoodChips® quality class has the specifications your appliance needs.