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#FuelYourNeed - What is it?

We at GoodChips® want to help you understand the importance of using and certifying quality wood chip material, which is why we are launching the #fuelyourneed #campaign!

#FuelYourNeed for wood chip quality with us and find out more about our passion, campaign and why quality matters @GoodChips®

#FuelYourNeed for healthy appliances

Understanding the quality of wood chips and knowing what’s right for you and your appliance is crucial in reducing quality issues and production costs.
 Wood chips come in all shapes and sizes and so it’s crucial that standardised schemes exist to ensure you receive only the best in quality wood chips.

#FuelYourNeed and maximise your heat and electricity production with GoodChips® today!

#FuelYourNeed in a booming market

We’re on the rise! Did you know the wood chips market is 30% of the total solid biomass consumption? That’s equivalent to 120M green tonnes/year of wood chips!
Unfortunately, not all producers are delivering the same quality of product, which is why we want to ensure that quality remains throughout the supply chain from producer to end user.

#FuelYourNeed for the best in quality products and look out for the GoodChips® seal and be on the right side of quality!

#FuelYourNeed and stand out from your competitors

You need more than best practices to stand out from your competitors, you need the seal of quality! Stand out from the crowd with GoodChips® - only our quality seal guarantees that your product is the best in quality and reliability.

#FuelYourNeed for quality fuel

#FuelYourNeed to prove that you are leading the way

Flying high! We work with the best in the sector to provide the quality GoodChips® seal and having already established five National Partners and seventeen certifications & testing bodies within Europe.
We are on the rise to guarantee that the wood chip chain is clean and efficient. Will you join us in becoming one of the leading companies that provides quality to the bioenergy sector?

#FuelYourNeed and fly high with the sector leaders

#FuelYourNeed with an experienced team

We’ve got experience in certification following in the steps of our sister scheme, ENplus®. We know that quality matters and we know how to make sure the supply chain is clean from production to delivery.

#FuelYourNeed with an experienced team