GoodChips® certifies its first Balkan company

GoodChips ® continues to grow its list of certified companies as it welcomes its first Serbian company; Apur Kiko-Prom.

A key trader and producer of bioenergy for the south-west region of Serbia, Apur Kiko-Prom, has in recent times expanded its portfolio of both wood processing and wood chip production enabling it to become the scheme's latest certified company.

Serbia's wood production is on the rise with 4.5-5Mcbm being produced each year reflecting a growing demand for wood stock. With this rise in demand, comes a real need for a more cohesive structure within the country's bioenergy sector, enabling it to establish and enhance a definitive link between small-scale producers, forest owners and larger energy producers. Having been designed in close relation with all industry players, from consumers to producers right through to appliance manufacturers, GoodChips ® holds a clear set of technical specifications to address new challenges as demand from within the sector continues to increase.

With Apur Kiko-Prom's current capacities estimated to be around 10,000tons / year and with future projections to double this capacity; it is key that consistent quality is achieved across their products in order to maintain a fair, transparent and structured market for wood chips throughout the supply chain.

As the bioenergy sector continues to grow with an estimated increase in production by 2024, GoodChips ® is providing companies with quality assurance that in turn brings added value to the entirety of the wood chip sector.

Apur Kiko-Prom will supply A2 and A3 quality classes of wood chips and more information on the company can be found here .