Why be GoodChips certified?

With GoodChips®, quality brands stand out

By design, GoodChips® draws a clear line between companies working hard and implementing best practices to deliver on quality, and the others. GoodChips® International Management adopted a strict stance on trademark fraud to make sure that your GoodChips® seal always holds its value.


GoodChips® helps build customers’ trust

A certification seal provided by a third-party scheme that guarantees the values announced is much more effective than any advertising statement in earning and maintaining customer trust.


GoodChips® boosts your exports

By providing a set of worldwide quality standards, GoodChips® creates a common framework for all players that greatly facilitates international trade. Sellers and buyers now speak the same language!


GoodChips® is an independent certification

GoodChips® operates as a third-party certification scheme, , this means that the conformity assessment is done by external certification bodies, accredited and listed by GoodChips®, who perform their duties in complete independence, not only from GoodChips® International Management, but also from each other.


GoodChips® helps you save money on quality management

GoodChips® requirements include a quality management system, which is greatly beneficial for producers, as it leads to a drastic reduction of quality issues and disputes, a standardised product, fewer interventions on your processes, etc. effectively bringing down your production costs.